Green Eyed Monster

I remember holding my hand up to my face

It was like walking through a fierce wind or

Sheltering my lidded eyes from the sun

As the brownie coloured petals of your love danced

Up around me like a tornado

I was lovestruck, dumbfounded by your being

You were you and unabashedly so and that

That was your most desirable quality

No one could own you and at times it seemed

You couldn’t control what the you wanted from you

For so many people love fades as time ages

I didn’t experience the cogs turning like that

Those hazel coloured eyes like syrupy masses

Stuck the attention of everyone that dipped into them

Flies happy to adhere to the sticky strips

Never struggling to get away because that warmness was home

And what reason do people need to leave home

Soon behind the brownie coloured petals others appeared

Shamrock coloured ones twirling exotically in their midst

But green is my colour of temptation, a pull I try to refuse

Shades of emerald, parakeet, mint, olive and sage all rousing

But jealousy isn’t an act committed is it?

Jealousy, a calming green, lulling me into unwanted feelings

Is fun you think someone has had

or is having

Fun that betrays you

the green eyed monster so it’s called

Is a monster of your own creation

Like the devil removing you from good, jealousy tries to remove

Your loving feelings that you find hard to deserve.

If I blink the shamrock petals morph to a brownie shade of brown

A warm sweet smell and taste and treat that love is

And I wait for as sure as the devil will tempt me

Jealousy will rouse calming green petals again.

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